• Giving a Plymouth Prowler a pair - Hellcat V8 swap

      The Plymouth Prowler was undeniably cool. It was a stark departure from what everyone else was doing. They essentially built a hot rod with the factory blessing and modern underpinnings.

      The problem? It never had the balls to back up the aggressive styling. How in the world do you give your hot rod a 214 horsepower 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6? What exactly is hot about that?

      The Prowler is supposed to be over the top. That is where this Hellcat V8 swap comes into play. Giving the Prowler a bump to 707 horsepower from a blown Hemi V8 sounds much more like what should be under the hood of a hot rod.

      This swap is being done by Brand New Muscle Car in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hopefully we get some videos of the finished product in action.

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        Optigrab -
        wonder if cooling is going to be an issue, not much room for a radiator