• 1300+ hp TT C6 Z06 vs. 1400+ hp TT Gen 3 Viper

      Two heavy hitters with huge output going at it here. The C6 Z06 we all know is light with a 7.0 liter LS7 V8 that revs to 7000 rpm. If properly built, it can definitely make for a monster boosted platform.

      Big output turbo Vipers are nothing new either. This one is said to be making 1400+ horsepower. In practice, maybe that number is off.

      They do several runs and the Z06 seems to get the best of the Viper which seems to have a couple issues shifting. The best run is the final run where they are door to door but still some slow shifting on the Viper's part.

      At this power level runs are over quickly and the slightest shifting error can cost you the race.

      Beasts nevertheless.

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        *C6 Z06
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        *C6 Z06
        Thank you...
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        I think I'm most impressed that the viper gets any power down with those rear rims/tires.